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Offering a large variety of healthy, nutritious products in an affordable and efficient manner. There is an increasing demand for products that suit a more healthier lifestyle, we understand those needs and strive for a wide selection of healthier types of products.
Offering Special design solutions for Micro-Markets in Break-rooms, Office Buildings, Hotels and colleges hangout areas.

Micro Market

The most radical change in at-work food service in decades

A small-footprint, unattended store, offering hundreds of fresh food and wellness items 24/7/365.

  • Digital Signage
  • Display Live News and Weather Feeds.
  • Recorded video playback of live events.
  • Emergency Messaging. 
micromarketvending.jpg  micro market
  • Fresh Foods & Snacks

  • Beverages

  • Wellness Items

  • Health & Beauty

  • Juices & Energy Drinks

  • Coffee

  • Candy & Nuts

  • Chips

  • Office Supplies

  • Replacement Meals

  • Easily access nutritional information on all products

  • Various payment options
  • Convenience & flexibility
  • The kiosks incorporate a familiar, easy-to-use 
    self-checkout interface with easy-to-follow instruction and voice commands.
  • PCI Certified – for secure credit card processing
  • Exceptional service with superior response time
  • Top notch technology, manufactured in the USA with top ATM quality parts

Break free from junk food…


“As the obesity pandemic grows, vending machines around the country have come under fire, described as bastions of empty calories and trans fats in a sea of hungry consumers.”  ABC News

Not your typical Vending Machine...

healthy vending machine

Our Philosophy

  • Holds over 300 Healthy Snack Selections
  • 7 Drink Selections. Total 105 Bottles or 161 Cans
  • Provides the latest technology to ensure that you are aware of the nutritional information of your selections.
  • Provides easy options for payment by accepting debit and credit cards - as well as cash.
  • Provides superior customer service by keeping your selections full and in proper working order.
  • Provides satisfaction by maintaining a friendly professional relationship through flexible schedules.
  • Wheelchair Accessible per ADA Guidelines. Made in the USA

To support our customer’s healthy lifestyle by providing the most wholesome, convenient, and best tasting products available at an affordable price.

10 Reasons to choose KNH LLC

Here are 10 top reasons to choose A KNH Markets Healthy Vending Machine

  • Delight your customers, employees, clients or students
  • Extraordinary customer service provided by a family owned and operated company
  • Offering thousands of natural and organic products
  • Vending machines accept coins, bills, debit and credit cards.
  • Goes well with any setting -  energy efficient
  • Customer friendly machine - ADA Accessibility
  • Eye catching graphics
  • Work with a local vendor in your area
  • Nutritional Information about  each product
  • Healthy snack & beverage vending

Plus, We can tailor a solution to fit your location. Please gives us a call at 1-800-340-2721 or email info@knhmarkets.com

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  • Prompt, efficient.  Responds to problems immediately.  Follows up on concerns and food choices.

      Patt. From Belleville NJ 2016


  • Food Selection are great, customer service are at 100% approval rate for us

      Yvonne. From Newark NJ 2016


  • They have great solution design options, that did well for our company, clients and staff 

      Jeff from Bloomfield NJ 2016


  • Very professional company, customer service is top of the line  

      Joan form Newark NJ 2016


  • Love the machines, technology are high quality, problems are addressed almost immediately.. 

      Sean from Livingston NJ 2015


  • Machine are service regularly and clean weekly,...

      Dave from Clifton NJ 2015