KNH Markets Press Release


                                                                                                                                                       Now that’s A Great Idea!

With the current trend toward obesity and the overall decline of health due to poor eating choices, local West Orange, New Jersey residents Mr. James decided to do something about it!  He is an avid for diabetes, obesity and heart diseases. 

Mr. James Started his own company named KNH Markets, which provides both Vending machines using N2GO vending machines and Micro Markets. Usually, the terms “healthy” and “vending” are never found together, but according to the folks at KNH Markets LLC, they are a perfect fit, “KNH Markets offers easy access to a variety of healthy and natural foods to those who don’t have time to search for these products during work hours.” 


Mr. James told us, “Personal weight loss challenges, coupled with busy work schedules, helped us understand and appreciate the importance of sensible eating habits and the quality of consumed food and beverages.  We encourage others to maintain a healthy lifestyle by offering selections of nutritious, easy-accessible, and tasty foods throughout the “greater New York and New Jersey Area.”  KNH Markets LLC is teaming up with local businesses to provide healthy options for their employees and customers. 

This appeal seems to answer a definite movement towards healthier eating in the work place, too.  According to a recent SHRM poll, almost all surveyed (97%) responded “favorably” or “very favorably” to efforts to promote wholesome food and drink options at work.

KNH Markets LLC selected N2Go machine because it employs the latest in vending technology offering purchases by credit and debit cards in addition to cash or change. Those same payment methods in addition to papal, Bitcoin, Apple pay, can be found in their Micro Markets. It also has an eco-friendly energy-saving design.  Not to mention, the cellular technology that provides KNH Markets with real-time reporting so they can stay on top of low selections quickly.

KNH Markets LLC services, delivers the machine, stock it, and cleans it. So it’s a great way to keep your employees and customers happy at no cost or work to you.


KNH Markets LLC also provides Micro Market installation and service to our customers who has a larger employee base.


For more information on healthy vending machine at your location or Micro Market, please contact us at.